Is Day Trading Risky?


Day Trading is no different than any other trading activity. It requires knowledge, skill and practice. A solid foundation to manage risk and proper guidance is key. Day trading has many advantages over other trading styles, like the ability to get in and out of positions in minutes or even seconds. And not holding positions overnight. You can rest easy at night knowing your money is safe by being idle in your account until the next trading day.

For the complete Government required risk disclaimer regarding Futures and Options trading, please click HERE

Is this suitable for beginners?


Our Signature Trading Course is designed to teach and to provide all the necessary tools to those traders who wish to learn how to successfully day trade stocks, forex, futures and commodity markets.

This course is designed from the bottom up and includes a complete solution for experienced traders or absolute beginners.


If you are a beginner, we do recommend that you start with some basics such as knowing and operating your platform, learning about the different types of orders and having a basic understanding of technical analysis, i.e. "support/resistance", "Trend lines", "Gaps", "Pivots", "Moving Averages", "Volume" and "Oscillators".

If you think you fair up pretty well with all of the above, then you will have no problem moving right into our Signature Course.

If you think you are falling short on any or all of the concepts described then we have 2 suggestions. Either take your time to learn through a myriad of free resources on the Internet, or sign up for our "Beginners Package", which includes an Operations & Technical Analysis boot camp program. You'll be saving lots of time and money, while you speed up your way to generating profits.

OK, I'm liking it - where do I start?


After you've browsed through the entire website, we recommend that you follow these wonderful resources we have prepared for you.

A) Request a FREE Lesson, by clicking here.

B) Review our extensive track record, by clicking here

C) Check out more videos on our YouTube channel, by clicking here

D) Don't be shy, give us a call here: 305-517-1890

Our System & Style...


What Instruments do you trade?


The professional's choice for daily profits are US Future Contracts. We like to trade the CL(crude oil), NQ(e-mini Nasdaq), GC(gold) and 6E (Euro) primarily.


Do you trade stocks?


For sure, our methodology works on any instrument/time frame. If you still wish to trade Stocks, ETFs, Options or Forex, our methodology is 100% applicable to all of these instruments.


What are your STOPS like?


We are very risk adverse traders. We advocate to exercise extremely small stops. Our system never risks more than 1% of trading funds into any given trade.


Do you get stopped out very frequently?


NO. All of the contrary. We get stopped out very little. Check out our record of trades and see for your self. Trading with a small stop is one of the smartest things a trader can do. Plus, the size of the stop has nothing to do with the instrument traded. This is one of the biggest misconceptions and problems beginner trades face. The value of our stops is directly proportional to the chart we use. We trade with a small chart, therefore small stops.


Why do you trade Futures with 1 contract only?


This is a very important question. We use 1-2 contract positions only for the following reasons:


A)To teach how to manage risk properly

B)So everyone can follow and easily replicate the scenarios

C)So everyone can feel comfortable following our trades

D)So everyone can start with a small account

E)To show that compiling gains is possible with small positions


Why do your track record results only show about $200 per day? 


We love this question.

First, don't forget that we are trading with the least amount of risk possible. It doesn't get any smaller than 1 contract per trade. We do not think about money when we trade, actually. We trade in terms of Points and Ticks. This is a much better approach. Once we reach our target we stop and move on. The best systems are only accurate between 60-70% of the time. No system or method is 100% accurate. So, if you don't learn when to walk away, you bet you'll be giving your profits back to the market. It's a mathematical certainty. 


"I was once in a Room where they were making thousands per day"...


Yeah... we love this statement too...

And what happened then? Did you make thousands too?

This is a misleading practice. Their "profits" can easily reach into de 4 figures because they carry an immense amount of risk and leverage.

We know many rooms and unscrupulous marketers that take highly leveraged positions averaging 5-10 contracts per trade luring their viewers to believe that they can easily replicate them and make thousands. This is an enormous amount of risk and a very dangerous situation for anyone learning something new. One bad trade could potentially cost you well into the thousands. Will you be able to withstand that economically and emotionally speaking? Don't let them fool you!


Can I trade more than 1-2 contracts? Is your system scalable?


Absolutely. Once you've learned how to manage your positions we will teach you how to increase leverage according to your performance progress.


How many ticks do you take per trade?


We've found that the best way to generate consistent profits is to make single targets of 1:1 & 2:1 r/r over at least 4-5 samples (or trades) during any given hour. We've developed a system that will produce at least 3-5 setups per hour, thus increasing your odds of profitability.


How about commissions?


Commissions are part of the game. Which is another reason why we only place small lots and do brief periods of time. Most brokers, including our partner broker, have very inexpensive and competitive commissions now a days. But we've thought about it as well, don't worry. We don't like spending more than 5-10% of our daily intake in commissions. We think that's a fair rate.


Do you offer a Trading Room?


We currently do not offer a daily trading room service.

We concentrate our efforts in providing effective 1 on 1 coaching and personalized private  sessions which will help the student accelerate the learning process, apply the tools and achieve consistent results by focusing on the areas specific to each one of them.



What is the course's format?


All of our courses are now offered in HD quality video. The Signature 3.0 Course comes in a combination of over 20 lessons and more than 5 hours of recorded content along with additional private 1 on 1 specialized coaching/trading sessions and live market guidance. Also you will receive a complimentary subscription to our ongoing "members monthly training webcasts" and extended market analysis.

We have developed the most comprehensive coaching program to teach you everything you need to know, including a winning system, how to use our proprietary software, money management and flawless executions.


How long does the Signature Course takes to complete?


The main advantage of having our courses recorded is that the student can watch and review on-demand. An "average" student may take anywhere from 4-8 weeks to learn and apply all the concepts taught in the course and put in motion in a simulation environment. As a general benchmark from our experience, most subscribers start showing a consistently positive practice record in as early as 90-100 days.


What happens if I'm not ready or haven't been able to complete the program in 90 days?


We understand everyone is different and that we are all adults with busy lives. You don't need to worry about time. We will never put any pressure or try to upsell you in any way. Rather, we will help you by tracking your progress and providing support at your own pace.


How about asking questions?


YES. As a student/member of any of our programs, you are entitled to a club membership which will allow you to obtain unlimited phone and email support. Just drop us a line or pick up the phone and call to talk to our expert traders.




Is TraderMakers' software necessary to trade?


We have built a system that relies on Objective Rule-Based Indicator signals. So the answer would be Yes. The software will provide you with everything you need to eliminate the guess work and emotions, and concentrate on executing the setups that meet the winning criteria. 


Is the software sold separately?


The software can be purchased separately and we also offer monthly subscriptions to it by clicking here. However, our software is included for FREE in our Trading Signature Course.


What's included in the software?


We've programmed a suite of indicators designed to give you the most accurate information on market direction, strength, bias and momentum.

There are 3 major indicators color-coded for easy distinction. You may find more about the software and its applications, by clicking here.


Is your software available for all trading platforms?


As a NinjaTrader ecosystem vendor, our software is only available for NinjaTrader 7 and NinjaTrader 8 platforms.

If you are not a NinjaTrader user, you can easily start using the most complete trading platform for FREE, by clicking here.




Experience, Transparency and Commitment to our Students is what separates us from the rest.

All our courses and personalized 1 on 1 training sessions are taught with the exceptional guidance of professional traders only.




I have purchased many courses already and I am very confused and discouraged... Can you help?


Absolutely. We understand the dilemma and we would like to help. That's the main purpose in which we founded this company.

The Internet has buried everyone beneath the weight of information which is being confused as knowledge. We believe that you have come to the right place and that TraderMakers will be your last stop in trading education. 

Don't look back. Look forward. We encourage you to take a look at our unique track record which will demonstrate the accuracy of our system and the results that you could achieve.

Please feel free to also visit our Testimonials Page where you will find comments from our own students, as well as those from industry professionals and links to independent reviews.


What do I need to ask myself before making a decision?


If you are considering our Signature Course or any other ones you should ask for the following to be able to make the best decision:

Does the company provide a sustainable track record?

Does their system provide objective rule-based signals?

Do they provide 1on1 education and guidance?

Can I have unlimited phone and email access to my coach?


We actually DO!

We know is very hard to find everything in one place, so go ahead and feel free to give us a call or contact us HERE...


What's the breakdown behind the cost of the program?


We know there are programs that range anywhere from a few hundreds to some in the tens of thousands. But we do not compare ourselves to anyone else.

Our product is unique and we offer a track record to prove it. We've priced it fairly given that we offer 1 on 1 private education and unlimited support. We truly believed we are very fairly priced and there's no other trading course (with a positive and transparent track record) as complete and significant offered at such competitive prices.


Are there any other fees or recurring payments?


We'll never ask or charge any other fees or recurring payments for the life of your subscription. Our membership is sold as a one-time cost.


NOTE: While this page seeks to answer some of the most  "mechanical"  frequently asked questions, there's a lot more you should find out about our services and our practices. For a complete list of disclosures and terms of use please click HERE.


We'd like to show you the way to profitable and consistent trading. Give us a call today to schedule a Free phone consultation!



Happy Trading!!



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